Will Online Shopping Eliminate Brick and Mortar Stores?

Last year 2017 was of the most interesting years for the traditional brick and mortar stores.
The way we used to shop as kids has changed drastically

Shopping online is breaking records and it looks like it will continue to climb

Predictions for 2018 will continue to in the domination of online shopping destroying
brick-and-mortar stores through 2018. I know last year and this year I could not find nothing in a store down the street, but online I was able to compare features and prices and zero in on what I need just buy searching for the product. Online shopping has really met my needs and the convenience tips it off!

Around 7000 plus stores closed in 2017 that’s a record looks like the vote for customer’s choice of online shopping has clearly affected the old way of shopping. Yes it is nice to get out of the house and go shopping but ,anytime I have all i got was some exercise and came home empty handed as nothing was in stock I needed. So online I go a few clicks and I am zeroed in on my needs and then here comes the delivery person!

Many Retailers who have not recognized my need have lost sales and out of business they go while those companies that have clearly recognized my need are dominating.

Will our local shopping centers become a ghost town? What will they do with the space. Conspiracy theorists have there take on it and some think they can be turned into shipping centers. Time will tell as it fast approaches this change !
This trend of online shopping is good and bad it is just a matter of opinion and who is feeding you information. I think both new and old ways of shopping have there advantages and disadvantages. But, it is up for the individual to decide.
Seems as Jobs go from the traditional clerk to shifting over to a wharehouse or order fufillment employee.
I know I have personally spent more money online then offline it may be because I was able to find what I needed and made it easier for me to Search Click and Buy
With the smart phone even shopping offline it’s easy to compare prices in real time. there is stiff tough competition. Sometimes I think how are they making a profit as I have found the best deals ever and so happy with my price, it is almost addicting to shop online. Do they have an online shopping recovery group LOL.
This article is not to give you detailed information, or even take a side it is just to get you thinking of the online shopping revolution and the change that has come and will come. This is why I opened https//storedaddy.club to provide a one stop shop seearch thousands of stores and millions of products all from STOREDADDY.CLUB. A club of online shoppers that search click and buy! My Goal to make https://storedaddy.club a household name. Tell your friends I found it at https://storedady.club. Thank you for reading! Making comment and share your online shopping experiences or even offline shopping. What you like about either or? Have a very blessed day
Jeff Dionne