Consumers Lose in latest USA Supreme Court Online sales tax ruling

June 21st 2018

U. S. Supreme court rules states can collect sales tax on online purchases. This breaks 50 years that only collected tax if that retailer had a location within the state you live. States have been complaining that they are losing millions of dollars they need to effectively run their state. Small business thinks it will cause many to go out of business due to the accounting cost.  Local tax laws vary across the USA and calculating sales taxes for 10,000 local taxing jurisdictions remains a crazy task.

Many times i have went locally to buy something at a brick and mortar only to find they never have what i need so i am forced to buy online.
 This new ruling did not require all Internet companies to collect sales taxes. While larger companies certainly are now obligated to do so, the decision suggested that small retailers, who sell on eBay, for example, will not face the requirement . However I am sure since they got this ruling that in the future they will go for the smaller ones. The state is never satisfied with there tax and spend policy. This ruling was 5-4 very close. Taxes in every form will continue to rise these people seem to never give up. Make sure you vote right and mark those politicinas that support this and vote them out. The consumer has the right to vote to help the marketplace